I have worked with many customers to tailor products to their specific needs.  Do get in touch if you're inspired by the stories below and would like your own bespoke item.


Albert and Norman's Guinea Pig Snuggle Sacks

"It is known that Guinea Pigs want to cuddle up and hide, so Slumbering Hound made a guinea pig size snuggle sack which was the perfect idea for Albert and Norman. They love hiding in there together, and can sit on my lap for cuddles. The snuggle sacks are easily washed and dried too, which is great for the pigs"


Sam the Office Dog

"When I started my job, so did Sam, who became one of the resident office dogs.  He attends meetings and happily goes on lunchtime walks, which enhances our teams well being and morale. 

Slumbering Hound have created a range of blankets and mats in our corporate colours, even matching the Pantone numbers perfectly.  Samuel has a blanket in purple with spots and Grey fleece and a travel mat which is lightweight enough for me to pick up and carry around easily, whilst also being padded enough to give him comfort (and to fall asleep in meetings!).

We work in a beautiful countryside setting with fields on the door step but that can only mean one thing - mud!  All of the Slumbering Hound products I own (and there are a lot) go straight in the washing machine and come out beautifully, plus the quality and service from the team is always 5*. "




Maisy the Therapy Dog

"When I asked Dee from Slumbering Hound to make cushions for our school Therapy Dog, Maisy, we had a chat about a bespoke “uniform” for her. I gave Dee two of our school badges and she produced a wonderful garment that Maisy wears with pride when on duty.

Maisy sits in with students who may be having difficulties, either at home or in school, and also attends some of the counselling sessions. The students really get a lot out of having Maisy here (as do the staff) as she has such a lovely temperament and is really calming. We have a rota of Mental Health Champions from the Sixth Form who take her for walks during break and lunch times.  The lower school students can book times to join the walk to spend time with Maisy or to speak to the older students about any worries they may have.

The cushions that Dee made are ideal and we have three of them in school. One in my office where she stays when she is not working, one in our Student Services office for when she is with students and one in the counselling room. They are beautifully made and perfect for Maisy.

Headteacher’s PA


"Chilly enjoys her home comforts and, rather like the princess and the pea, she simply can't settle down on a mere floor, even if it’s carpeted! If we stay away from home or take her with us when we go out to eat, we need something easy to fold up and carry but still sufficiently padded for her high standards. Our Slumbering Hound travel mat is perfect and has been on many trips now. Whether we lay it down in a friend’s living room or on a stone pub floor, it’s soft, familiar and comfortable for Chilly. But most days it doesn’t go anywhere, Chilly just snuggles up on it under my desk and keeps my feet warm while I work!"


chilly mat2.jpg



"As an animal behaviourist and trainer sometimes I need to find unique solutions to help my furry friends develop.  
Huey loves settling under blankets so a snuggle sack seemed like a perfect option for him. His first one arrived and was an instant hit.  It soon became clear that he needed an upgrade because he wasn't quite getting the nack of sliding in and out.  Luckily for us, Slumbering Hound were super helpful  and after a bit of a chat, we came up with a custom design just for Huey - a little bigger and with some extra padding in the base to give it more stability. So much better – he still needs a little help, but he is already getting the hang of flicking the edge up with his nose to help him wriggle in!"

COAPE Certified Companion Animal Behaviourist and Trainer